Nirmalya Collection and Composting

To reduce the environment and water pollution Nirmalya Management drives were organised.

Places: Pune(Chinchawad, Lonavala), Navi-Mumbai(Kharghar)
State: Maharashtra
Date: September 2015


  • Water pollution
  • Increased garbage
  • Uncleaned immersion places


  • Prevented water pollution
  • Reduced garbage
  • Cleaned immersion places
Nirmalya Collection
Garbage - tones


More About Nirmalya Collection

The flowers, leaves and garlands offered to the idol of Ganpati are generally left into the water ponds, then water become polluted and if it is dropped in the garbage, it become litter and gets desecrated. To reduce the water pollution and to keep the balance of environment, Dr. Shree NanasahebDharmadhikari Pratishthan Revdanda have achieved golden mean in order to start the unique campaign of collecting this “Nirmalya”, converting into fertilizer which can be used for trees.

Nirmalya Composting

The collected “Nirmalya” was transported with the help of vehicles like dumpers and tempos. The pits were dug and collected “Nirmalya” was dropped in those pits for converting it into Fertilizer. This fertilizer will be utilized for conservation of trees planted by the Pratishthan. The Pratishthan has provided the required equipment in order to collect the “Nirmalya” from the lakes.

A golden mean of this “Nirmalya” would certainly be recycling it as thought by the Pratishthan, which started converting it into vermiculture.