Road Safety Awareness

To spread awareness about road safety for preventing accidents.

Places: Barshiv, Kashid, Kude, Bamangoan, Palav, Supegaon phata (Revdanda)
State: Maharashtra


  • Less awareness about road safety
  • Increasing accidents
  • No boundaries for Revdanda police stations areas


  • Spreading awareness about road safety
  • Helped to prevent accidents
  • Clear boundaries for Jurisdiction of Revdanda police stations areas
Road Safety


More about Road Safety

Social awareness campaign on Road safety organized by Dr. Shree Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan Revdanda, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad under the precious guidance of Dr. Shri. Aappasaheb Dharmadhikari, with the help of officials of Revdanda police station. Boards with the slogan of “Revdanda Police station Boundary Starts and Ends” were fixed by Pratishthan at the place mentioned below.

Sr. No. Place Slogans written on board
1 Barshivkashid “Aavravegala, SavraJivala”
2 Kude “Atighai, SankatatNeyee”
3 Bamangoan “Aavravegala, SavraJivala”
4 Palav “Veg kami, Jivanachihami”
5 Supegaonphata “NazarHati, Durghatnaghati”

Due to this significant campaign conducted by Dr.Shree Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan Revdanda, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad, the tourists as well as devotees visiting Alibag and Murud will be benefited as they will get complete information of the area which comes under Jurisdiction of Revdanda Police station.