Weeds Management

To remove unwanted weeds from forest & to plant useful grasses for herbivores animals and to maintain the balanced food chain.

Places: Borivali, Mumbai
State: Maharashtra


  • Increasing weeds in the forest
  • Lack of food for Herbivorous & carnivorous animals
  • Disturbed food chain
  • Attack of Carnivorous animals on human


  • Removal of weeds in the forest
  • Food made available for Herbivorous Animals
  • Balanced food chain
  • Less attack of Carnivorous animals on human
Weeds Management
64 Acres


More about Weeds Management

Important factors of any forest are carnivorous animals, herbivores animals which are directly or indirectly dependent on plants. Weeds are unwanted and undesirable plants that grows naturally due to which herbivores animals do not get sufficient food which in turn results in lack of food for carnivorous animals. Various instances of attacks of carnivorous animals on human habitat have been noted.

Dr. Shri Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratisthan has taken over this unique initiative of restoring the food chain by removing weeds and planting useful grasses like ‘Motitura Gavat’, ‘Raanmug’, ‘Pochati Gavat’ etc. This activity is being carried out successfully in 32 acres of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai.