Social Awakening Activities

The teachings based on saintly literature have many dimensions of social awakening. This awakening has affected many facets of human life. The following projects have been implemented under this social awakening.

Awakening people to rehabilitate the human society

Man has achieved physical happiness on the foot steps of science. To make a man internally prosperous science needs the support of a human culture. A culture based on cultivation of moral values. If this is achieved, then only man can be happy and content in a true sense. In the absence of human values man leads a life of dissatisfaction ambitions, egoism. These lead a person towards base instincts forcing him to indulge in vices. Though outwardly prosperous he is inwardly not at peace with himself. Constant doubt and worry are making him hollow. The constant rumbling of indecent thoughts cannot be checked. This is because man does not possess that internal strength which is necessary to combat these tendencies.

The school or college education is inadequate in providing the tranquillity required for leading a life of contentment, inspite of its best intentions. The mental weakness does not allow men to become responsible. In the absence of appropriate culture man is repeatedly pushed into the pit of hopelessness. Shri Nanasaheb has brought up every individual under the influence of refined guidance by striking at the very root, through the means of saintly teachings. He has awakened every individual to make a person aware of one’s duties. He is providing people with mental vigour through his teachings. Each individual when provided with this internal potential stays in the best mental state under the available conditions of living. Shri Nanasaheb reiterates that it is necessary to be constantly under the guidance and culture of this saintly literature. Otherwise our instincts pull us down towards base tendencies. Therefore he has organized regular and permanent congregation or Shri Baithaks at thousands of places in and outside Maharashtra to provide this kind of culture and refinement. These are being run under most disciplined conditions, according to pre-determined schedules.

National integration

Integration consists of making everyone aware of the universal consciousness lying within each of us, by giving the requisite knowledge. Through a constant guidance in the Shribaithak or congregations it is seen that these qualities are groomed and nurtured permanently by all the listeners. As a result each one is living in pure prosperity, “devoid of animosity”.

Re-establishing a place of honour in society for the women

It is a matter of common observation that the place of a woman in a family is secondary in today’s society. There are two main reasons behind this. One is man dominated culture in the present society. The other reason is a traditionally derogatory attitude adopted towards women during the past. They were therefore considered as weak. Consequently they are always ignored.

Women accept and handle their household work as well as service or business responsibilities. They provide refinement and culture to the children at home. Men therefore earn fame and success in their respective workplace, being totally free from the household worries. Women have to hold threefold responsibilities of bringing up children properly, handling the household work, while discharging their duties with responsibility in service. They are often left bewildered by these responsibilities. Realizing that the progress and prosperity of a society and the nation is promoted by the disciplined, tolerant, satisfied and self contended women in a family, a Shribaithak or congregation is arranged everyday in the afternoon to guide them appropriately. They are made to realize their potential and internal strength, in order to gain self- confidence.

Removing Dowry System

The harm caused to human society by the devil of dowry is greater than any natural calamity today. This system has killed humanity itself. Unfortunately it seems in many a family it has become a shortcut to prosperity for greedy men. This unfortunate belief is gaining ground day by day. In our country demanding dowry during wedding is considered to be a birth right of the bridegrooms. This tendency has gained currency everywhere in the country. As a result of this custom, a girl child is not welcome in the family. Her birth gives rise to a gloom. Dowry has also given rise to violence against women everywhere in the form of suicides and un-natural deaths. There is a rise in the incidence of divorces.

Dr. Shri Nanasaheb has in an extremely result oriented method planted an awareness in the minds of men that there is nothing more humiliating in one’s life than being auctioned in the market of marriage. A society free from the menace of dowry is a gift to the nation at the hands of Shri Appasaheb.

Eradication of Blind Faith

A nation which has inherited a glorious culture is today full of people believing in superstitions. Even the most educated person resorts to blind faith. In times of adversity a person starts believing that his troubles are due to god’s anger on him. In some extreme cases he thinks that witchcraft is being practiced against him. He approaches miracle mongers in his search for relief. He spends all his money and time on such superstitious practice. Sometime he falls into debt traps. Dr. Shri Nanasaheb has guided many individuals towards a happy living by removing this blind faith through his saintly teaching. People every where are achieving freedom from blind faith.

De-addicted Society

Shree Nanasaheb says that if we have been watching the social development around us, we will realize than men and women are today involved in material happiness only. A constant attraction for material prosperity inadvertently but firmly pushes a person towards addiction. Every cross-section of society and individual of every age group is falling victim to the growing greed of materialism. Similarly the young generations can be seen attracted towards the tendency of acquiring abundant wealth, at an extra ordinary pace. Shri Nanasaheb through his guidance developed immense potential and strength in listeners to face problems in life with fortitude and forbearance. Through constant guidance, laying examples of saintly teaching, Shri Nanasaheb enables a person to stand firmly in his duties. He inspired an awareness of responsibility to rehabilitate his ruined family. Shri Nanasaheb’s idea of a de-addicted society is thus taking a concrete shape.

Adult Literacy Campaign

Every citizen of the country is known by the level of his literacy. Literacy promotes national integration. Shri Nanasaheb started adult literacy classes. These are running free of cost in various villages, towns and adivasi (tribal) hamlets. The adult literacy centres started by Shri Nanasaheb are a unique accomplishment.

Training Centres for children in accordance with modern times

He is guiding innumerable children in the training centres by providing them a cultured education. The citizens of tomorrow must become men of strong character possessing morality and high thinking. He gives the lesson of everlasting values and ethics prompted by the tradition of saints. He is incessantly and assiduously applying himself round the clock to train the children in acquiring a sense of dedication towards the nation. In the days to come the society will be distinguished by the fruits of social awakening of Shri Nanasaheb.

Stability in the life of Adivasis

To work in adivasi area is next to impossible. They live away from the din and noise of an urban life, in valleys and hilly areas. Their time and energy is spent away in doing menial work for the sake of earning two meals a day. They then waste away their income on drinks during nights. They have been victims of superstitions, hero-worshipping , blind-faith for many generations. Shri Nanasaheb started Shri Baithak in many Adivasi wadis ( Villages ) for them. After attending these, congregation, the people here started experiencing the major changes in their life. They began learning practical truth. Now these very people are no longer victims of blind-faith.

Their children are receiving education in schools and colleges while adults are attending literacy classes.